Roller blinds

July 6, 2016

Roller Window Blinds

Easily adjustable and completely safe, our modern roller blinds are ideal for both homes and offices. We offer a wide selection of models from the best manufacturers. You will receive exceptional design and flawless performance and enjoy great durability. All of our window treatments come with a 5-year warranty. There are multiple customization options from color to size.

Outstanding Residential & Commercial Window Coverings

Our roller blinds are made to the American Child Safety Regulations. They are safe for children’s rooms as well as for living rooms and kitchens in the home. The strong fabric make and the aluminum roller give these window treatments a long useful life. You can expect them to withstand all damaging environmental effects including the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

The clutch driven mechanism makes adjusting the blinds quick and easy. You can set them to any position in line with your individual preferences and the time of day. The ultrasonic cutting of our products helps to prevent fraying. This means that you can make adjustments as often as you like without worrying about the durability of your coverings.

With us, you will get the ideal custom blinds for your windows and even for your patio doors. Choose the right color and level of light filtration given the decor and the setting of the room which the coverings will be in. One of our experts will visit you with free samples and help you with making this important decision. Rest assured that your new door and window treatments will be professionally installed by our company.