Silhouette Blinds

July 6, 2016
silhouette blinds
Silhouette shades are some of the more modern blinds that have become very popular for both residential and commercial use. Their appearance is reminiscent of a venetian blind with a roller blind draped over it. The horizontal vanes are usually made of a pliable material like woven fabric. These can also be adjusted to the desired angle to increase or reduce blocking of sunlight. These help reduce the amount of direct sunlight coming through the windows. The translucent shade that covers the horizontal vanes deflects light. It minimizes the glare as well as diffuses harsh sunlight that would otherwise irritate eyes, cause sun damage to skin as well as bleach furniture finish.

Silhouette Shapes and Light

Most offices have access to direct sunlight. This is good if the light coming in is diffused and regulated by the proper office blinds. Without proper regulation, sunlight can reduce performance in employees with the amount of infuriating glare and heat coming in. This is where silhouette blinds shine. These window coverings are excellent because not only do they diffuse harsh light but they make the office look great too. Another benefit of using this blind is the privacy it affords. With them draped over windows, silhouettes of indistinct shapes become the only things that anyone outside sees.

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