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Get detailed answers to some of the most important FAQs about different blind and shade related topics. Hopefully, this information and advice can help you make the right choice when it comes time for you to choose new coverings for your windows. Of course, you can always get in touch with us if you need some help finding the right product.

What are the advantages of having wooden Venetian blinds panels?

Wooden panels can be great for a number of reasons. If you like the classic look of this natural material, wood will suit you perfectly. It tends to bring with it a sense of classic appeal that's hard to beat, especially when compared to vinyl or aluminum blinds. You can color the wood in a range of fashionable shades that still show off the natural markings.

Which blinds are the safest for children?

You want blinds that have no gaps and don't offer any way for a child to get tangled or stuck. Blinds with panels may not be suitable then. Roller shades are great as they are simple and flat. Cordless blinds definitely make for an excellent childproof option. In fact, you can take this a step further. Motorized shades make for an excellent substitute for hand-drawn window treatments. They also allow you to control them remotely. Some models can allow you to even use your smartphone or tablet.

Are your blinds compatible with smart home or phone integration?

Yes. We understand that technology is improving the way homes function so we offer motorized blinds and shades. These automated window treatments are compatible with smart home technologies. Are you looking for state of the art motor and control systems? Great. We've got products from major brands like Somfy and Lutron to offer you. If you want to know more about the available options, schedule a free consultation. We're happy to answer all your questions.

Are blinds and shades "one size fits all"?

No, they certainly aren't. Not with all the variations in window measurements, styles, and designs of windows and glass doors used in homes and offices. You need your blinds and shades to match your windows perfectly. If they're not custom made for them, some sunlight can get through on the sides or bottom. This will be an issue if you're going for UV protection. It can also present privacy and glare problems.

How much privacy will I get with cellular shades?

These shades range from sheer to completely opaque which means that you can readily decide on your preferred level of privacy. It is perfectly possible to get window treatments that block the view from the outside completely. But of course, obscuring vision isn't the main purpose of these types of shades. They're main contributing, they have more than one, of course, is to add insulation to the room.

What kinds of products can be used for cleaning shades?

It is best if you just wipe them with a damp cloth or use the upholstery attachment of the vacuum to extract any dust built up inside them. Both commercial and homemade cleaners may cause damage to the color and/or fabric. The material matters your blinds or shades are made of matters a great deal here. It's better to be safe than sorry, so don't use any product you're not 100% about.

What affects the R-value of cellular shades?

There's a list of factors that can influence how much insulation a set of cellular shades offers. This list includes the number of cell layers and the cell size. The fabric that the window treatments consist of also plays a role in affecting their R-value. The higher the value, the more insulation these shades can offer.

How do I decorate a room with striped Roman shades?

There are various stripe patterns and color pallets to pick from when it comes to Roman shades. You should take into account the colors and patterns of the largest items in the room, like the furniture and rugs, if there are any. You'll want to choose shade designs that complement the surrounding decor as much as possible. Our experts at Laguna Beach Blinds & Shades will happily advise you on this. Use the online system on this website to schedule a free in-person consultation today.


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