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Layered Shades

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Layered shades, also called zebra blinds occasionally, are modern window treatments that use two sheets with alternating layers of sheer and light absorbing or reflecting fabric. This allows them to create an adjustable effect not unlike that of classic blinds, but with a softer overall light gradient and much better protection from ultraviolet rays. These are essentially an improvement on the standard solar shades without any added complexity of use.

Light Diffusing Structure

The bands of opaque and translucent fabric that layered shades have make for a very effective glare-disrupting and light-softening mechanism. Glare is partially reflected off of the sheer surfaces, and absorbed by the opaque ones, so that only narrower strings of filtered sunlight can get through. This naturally creates enough shading to protect the eye while admitting enough light to make reading and working in the room a simple matter. Plus, the visual effect is gorgeous!

Adjustable Dual Layers

By pulling the layered shades up and down, you can align the bands of sheer and dark fabric however you want to admit more or less sunlight in through the former. To maximize the light intake, line up both layers perfectly. To minimize it, cover each sheer band with an opaque one, and only the much weaker filtered light will be able to come in. Not even rotating shades give you this much control over where and how the sunlight enters.

Customizable and Lightweight

All Laguna Beach Blinds & Shades products are custom made to buyer specification, and every order comes with a free consultation visit. Thanks to the light weight and low volume of layered shades, they are very easy to combine with other window features, to mount on horizontal or vertical sliding frames, or to motorize. Ask our team about all of these options and more!

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